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What Makes Singer Construction Different?


Confident and Secure

  • Licensed general contractor since 2007
  • Liability insurance up to $1,000,000
  • When we provide you with an proposal, I stand behind it 100%. Your quote will not change or have “surprise” costs at the end of the project.
  • If there are unexpected circumstances, you will know about them before the work is done and we will come to an agreement about the costs and possible solutions.
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Complete measurements and dimensions of your project.

  • We use new, state-of-the-art 3D GPS and Gyro technology to take accurate measurements of your project, down to 1/8 of an inch.
  • We take a full set of photos and video of the project area.
  • Project photos and notes are uploaded to a private, secure web site, so our teams get a accurate view of the project site before work begins (no surprises).
  • You will receive a complete and detailed quote with detailed plan drawings. 

Safety and Sanitation

  • All of our crews work safely to make sure your property is secure and no accidents occur.
  • We provide our own sanitation (portable toilets) so our work crews aren’t tracking mud and dirt through your home, using your inside bathroom or “going in the bushes”.

Hauling, Transportation and Dumping

Dumping and Hauling is a large part of any concrete or landscaping project. Most concrete contractors underestimate the cost of hauling and dumping, or don’t include it in their quote.

  • We include accurate hauling and dump fees in your estimate.
  • We work with professional and qualified hauling and demolition contractors.

Tons of Reviews From Happy Customers

We try to maintain a high level of customer service and satisfaction. We take the time to make sure each project receives the attention it deserves. 

OC Concrete Polishing and Epoxy Flooring