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We provide epoxy floor coatings and concrete floor polishing in all surrounding Orange County and Los Angeles areas.  Whether for your home, retail, commercial space or industrial facilities… We’ll treat you like a VIP.

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Orange County Epoxy Flooring


Premium Epoxy & Flake Floors In As Little As ONE Day!


Your dream floor is just one day away! Sign up to receive a hassle-free consultation with samples and color options, and choose to have your perfect custom floor installed the OC Concrete way.

Here at OC Concrete, we specialize in turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. From your initial inquiry to the final square inch of installation, we prioritize your experience and the quality of our work, and it’s evident in the results!

Epoxy floor coating technology has advanced significantly in recent years, eliminating issues like peeling, cracking, and the need for frequent reapplication. With our exclusive floor coatings technology, we proudly offer industry-leading warranties, giving you peace of mind and ensuring a floor that remains free from peeling and cracking for a lifetime.

Our extensive range of floor coatings and custom garage storage solutions is crafted to add sophistication to your home and office. Just as the tough gorilla symbolizes durability, resilience, strength, wisdom, and toughness, OC Concrete embodies these qualities. OC Concrete is your all-in-one destination for all your flooring, storage, and organization needs.

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Epoxy Flooring

Our innovative techniques and design expertise allow our team to install strong and long-lasting surfaces that are chemical resistant, heat resistant, impact-resistant, and mold and mildew resistant. Our floors are great for any environment and equipped to handle all types of stress and exposure.

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Commercial Epoxy Floors

Our professionals ensure that every epoxy installation is as high-quality and professional as the next. Many of our commercial clients require flooring that is slip-resistant and able to fight off bacterial growth. Our restaurant clients, retail, and food retail stores all require safe floors for employees and customers alike, meaning, our epoxy floors are more than just hygienic necessities! They are hazard and accident reducing as well.

residential epoxy flooring

Residential Epoxy Flooring

Before, epoxy floors were considered to be only for industrial facilities that needed chemical resistant floors; however, epoxy floors have made a resurgence as some of the most popular flooring installations in residential homes. Your garage, your basement, your living space, and more can all be designed with an epoxy surface that leaves the area beautiful, unique, and affordable.

Polished concrete flooring

Concrete Polishing

For our clients who are looking for surfaces that can resistant impact, that can handle heavy loads, that can stand up against chemical damages, and different abrasions, our polished concrete floors are here to help! Concrete polishing is a fantastic addition to warehouses, chemical plants, packaging plants, and food industrial facilities. Polished concrete floors do not scratch, crack, or allow bacterial growth.

Commercial, Industrial and Retail Epoxy Flooring in Villa Park

Long Lasting, durable solutions for both commercial and high-performance industrial floors. Our Epoxy floor coating system is ideal for use in warehouses, pharmaceutical manufacturing buildings, food and beverage plants, laboratories, industrial manufacturing facilities and other applications.

An epoxy floor coating that protects concrete floors creates a high gloss, durable surface that solves most challenges of industrial and commercial environments, offering a variety of benefits.

We bring an unrivaled sense of professionalism to the work that we do and that shows not just in the way we conduct business but the high quality results that we deliver to our clients from Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Anaheim Hills and surrounding Orange County cities. 


metallic epoxy flooring orange county

Epoxy Flooring. What You Must Know & What you Absolutely Don’t Have To Know

The first thing you need to know is that garage floor epoxy coatings are not like regular floor paint and that all epoxies are not the same.

So exactly what are epoxy floor coatings? Epoxy floor coatings are usually two part solids based, solvent based or water based. Epoxy flooring consists of a Resin part and a Hardener part, much like epoxy glue. Regular garage floor paints are one part oil based or water based. High quality epoxy floor paints are neither one part, oil based nor water based and all epoxies are not the same and you need to know why so you don’t have to do your floor a second or third time.


Advantages of Epoxy Flooring in Villa Park

In Villa Park and its surrounding areas in Orange County, our epoxy flooring services stand out for the numerous advantages they bring to residential and commercial spaces. Epoxy flooring is renowned for its exceptional durability, forming a tough and resistant surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic, impact, and chemical spills. Its seamless and easy-to-clean nature makes maintenance a breeze, a crucial aspect for Villa Park residents seeking both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, our specialized epoxy services cater to current design trends, offering a plethora of design options such as metallic epoxy for a contemporary and dynamic look, solid color coatings for a clean and uniform finish, and decorative flakes for added texture and depth. We understand the evolving preferences in Villa Park, and our commitment is to provide not only enduring and resilient epoxy floors but also designs that align with the latest trends, ensuring that our clients’ spaces are both stylish and functional.

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Industrial-epoxy Flooring
garage floor epoxy flooring orange county
Epoxy garage floor coating

Epoxy Garage Floors Near Me

So your garage floor may not be where you and your guests gravitate to but it is part of your home. And many of us do spend time there if we have a workshop or gym equipment.

In any event, you don’t want ugly cracks in your floor or the buildup of oil and grime because it not only detracts from the overall impression of your home but it looks like you have little regard for your home in general.

So why not have the epoxy flooring pros at Orange County Epoxy Flooring? Give your garage floor at your residential or commercial property the gleaming, shining finish that you only see on showroom floors.

Professional Concrete Services We Offer:

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