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Customize Your Floors with Industrial Epoxy Resin Coatings

SINGER CONSTRUCTION specializes in Garage Epoxy Flooring and Concrete polishing for interior rooms, restaurants, aircraft hangars, industrial/commercial concrete floors in the Los Angeles, Orange County, and it’s surrounding Southern California neighbors.

Our products can renew any concrete surface into a polished look that adds value and provides a durable, long lasting, functional solution to meet any residential or commercial need.

Our most popular coating systems are solid and colored blended flake system that can have flake up to 1/4″ to make your floor look more like Terrazzo.

We also offer a full range of some of the newest epoxy creations such as Metallic Epoxy and our most unique coating – Lava Flow Epoxy.

Hiring a concrete contractor for your property improvement needs comes with many benefits when compared to doing the work yourself. Finding a concrete expert you can trust, however, isn’t always easy. Luckily, there is Singer Construction and OC Concrete Driveways to turn to in Orange County, CA

Experience, know-how, and quality materials are the things that mean the difference for your Orange County concrete project. That is why we invest in modern equipment and top-grade concrete. This allows us to achieve the results only a reputable local concrete contractor can ensure.

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Whether it’s a cracked driveway, walk way, patio deck or interlocking pavers or a driveway renovation, you have come to the right place! No concrete installation or renovation project is too small or too big of a challenge for us to handle!

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Industrial Epoxy Flooring

We can install epoxy floor coatings for your garage floors, industrial warehouse or commercial building.

For our clients who are looking for surfaces that can resistant impact, that can handle heavy loads, that can stand up against chemical damages, and different abrasions, our epoxy floors are here to help! Our epoxy floors are fantastic additions to warehouses, chemical plants, packaging plants, and food industrial facilities. Our floors do not scratch, crack, or allow bacterial growth.

epoxy garage floors
Lava Flow - Epoxy Garage Floors
commercial epoxy flooring
Epoxy Flooring - Commercial, Industrial and Retail Stores

Polished Concrete

Singer Construction specializes in polished concrete flooring.  We provide concrete flooring for all aspects of the commercial, industrial, residential and retail industries.

We transform your existing concrete slab into a high shine mirror finish, low maintenance work of art. Using the latest in technological advancements that includes: Diamond grinding, concrete consolidators, dyes and color stains, and sealing guards. We can turn your concrete into a unique work of art, with the look of stone and the durability of granite, with little maintenance.

Polished concrete is also a durable LEED and Eco friendly flooring option for commercial and residential projects.

Polished Concrete Flooring
Polished Concrete Floors
Polished concrete flooring
Polished Concrete - Commercial, Industrial and Retail Stores
Orange County concrete contractor

Meet Your Concrete Contractor

Brian Singer is a licensed general contractor and has been in business since 2007. He has vast experience and knowledge in home remodeling, house flipping, real estate investing and specializes in concrete driveways, patios and landscape design.  You can rest comfortably knowing you’re in good hands.

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From the constant heavy pressure of vehicles to impacts from dropped objects, your garage floor takes a lot of abuse. Over time, things like motor oil, water damage, and standard wear and tear can leave its surface cracked, chipped, and stained. Throughout the Yorba Linda area and beyond, we at South Coast Epoxy Flooring & Singer Construction are smoothing over those flaws and protecting customers’ garage floors with professionally applied epoxy resin.

Why Choose Garage Floor Epoxy Resurfacing?

When we resurface your garage floor with resin, it seals the surface of the concrete, protecting it from chemicals, oils, water, and other potentially damaging elements. Resin is also much more shock-absorbent, making it highly resistant to impact damage.

Using epoxy resin is also an ideal way to reduce the effort of maintenance and add value to your home. Spills and dirt are easy to sweep, wipe, or shop vacuum away, and the smooth, shiny surface of the material creates a much more appealing look than concrete or other materials. Plus, offering a beautiful, easy-to-clean, damage-resistant garage is a great draw for potential buyers if you ever decide to sell the property!

Create the Garage of Your Dreams

At South Coast Epoxy Flooring & Singer Construction, we aim to offer the finest range of colors and textures of epoxy resin in Yorba Linda. With flexible options, including blended flake and “lava flow” resins, we can create unique surfaces for utilitarian workspaces, home showrooms, and everything in between.

If you prefer a practical garage space, you might choose one of our popular flake resins, which are reminiscent of natural stone. If your dream is to create the ultimate hot rod haven, you could go for a bold, colorful metallic resin. Whatever you imagine, we can make it a reality!

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If you live in or around Yorba Linda and are considering resurfacing your current garage floor with durable, stain-resistant epoxy resin, we’re ready to answer your questions and help you make it happen. Contact us online or give us a call at 949-484-5119 to get started with a free quote!

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