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The path to your home’s beauty starts at your driveways. An interlocking concrete paver driveway adds the most curb appeal to any house.


For any remodeling project, your time and effort are essential must-haves. Good for you if you have time to spare, but what if you have to a job to think about? How about the kids? Who’s going to drive them to school or pick them up afterwards? As a busy homeowner, we understand your problem. We’ve been there, too! That’s why we got into the concrete contracting business in the first place. To help a fellow homeowner out.

Singer Construction is a top rated concrete company and a family-owned business that offers various concrete services like interior concreting, exterior concreting, and concrete remodeling, among others. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have become one of the leading concrete contractors in the area. For your home remodeling and concreting project, let us handle the dirty job. You’ve got more important stuff to think about, we’re sure.

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We can save you a lot of time.

Before we start the project, we’ll sit down and create a timetable to hasten the hassle on your daily activity. Except for unforeseen events, we’ll strictly follow the schedule as is. There are homeowners who’d like to do the concreting project on their own, but you need to remember how much time it would entail to finish the project. Not to mention the efficiency and turnout of the project itself. Only professional concrete contractors can save you a lot of time and effort while making sure that your expectations are rightfully met.

We have trusted skills.

Unless you have experience and knowledge in the concrete constructing business, we recommend that you leave the crucial job to the experts. The structure of your house is something that you need to consider. It won’t be an easy task determining the foundation assembly of the materials. In fact, you’d need the right tools and equipment to get the job done within the time frame and with a desirable result. With Houston Stamped Concrete’s experience, we have established the most functional techniques and acquired the necessary skills to finish any concrete project with flying colors. You need someone with the expertise and the skills to handle your project. Let us help you with that.


We offer excellent customer service.

Aside from excellent quality of workmanship, we also offer superior service in terms of client relationship. We have a long list of satisfied clienteles from both residential and commercial establishments. We have referrals to attest to that. We know that any home project needs the cooperation and meeting of the minds of both the contractor and the homeowner. Without this, the task won’t be completed successfully. We train our team to be courteous, attentive, and polite to our clients. If you got questions, feel free to ask away. We’ll be there to listen to your queries, whatever they may be.

We will prepare the site properly.

Most common mistakes in DIV home projects involve wrong planning and preparation. As a professional concrete contractor, Houston Stamped Concrete will prepare the site by leveling the grounds and knowing the depth of concrete surface. Aside from this, you also need to think about the drainage of your house. Without proper planning, the water during construction could get into your basement or home. It could even flood your yard. The thickness of the concrete surface should be properly though of, too. Basically, this varies according to the product you’re using and the condition of the weather. Overly thin concrete can get cracked or damaged easily, while a too thick concrete is difficult to cure. Only a professional can prevent these mistakes.

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We provide first-rate after-sales experience.

Our commitment to our job starts from the planning stage until you are fully satisfied with our service. Yes, that includes after-sales involvement. We won’t leave you hanging cringing about the project output whatsoever. If there are issues that you want us to know, you can always contact us, and we’ll be there to assist you all the way.

We have a competitive prices.

A home improvement project entails not just time and effort. Prepare to spend quite a lot of money, too. But, wait! Don’t empty your pockets just yet. With Orange County Stamped Concrete, you’ll get the value you deserve. From quality workmanship to reliable customer service, we’ll let you experience the exceptional package that you deserve, all within your price range.

Are your ready to take on your home remodeling project? Orange County Stamped Concrete and Singer Construction is here to help you out. Call us today and we’ll schedule an appointment.

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