When Searching for Polished Concrete Near Me

Polished Concrete Near Me: When installing a polished concrete floor, there are a few decisions to make—some of which can cause confusion. We’re going to briefly break those down for you here. We have many resource pages linked below that go into these topics in more detail. South Coast Flooring specializes in polished concrete and […]

Epoxy Garage Floors Orange County

epoxy garage floor orange county

Epoxy garage floors Orange County are a great option for people who are looking for a durable and long-lasting floor. These floors are made from epoxy and can last anywhere from six to twelve months depending on the amount of use that is put into it. They can also be easily cleaned with a damp […]

Concrete polishing vs epoxy

Concrete polishing vs epoxy. What’s the difference? When a concrete floor becomes stained, etched, or cracked, it may appear that the only solution is to tear it up and start over. However, there are two resurfacing options-concrete polishing and epoxy flooring-that can be used to restore a worn concrete floor at a fraction of the […]

White Blotchy Concrete | Efflorescence

Why Is My New Concrete White and Blotchy? White, blotchy concrete is one of the most common but least understood phenomenons with concrete.  Efflorescence is a chalky white salt residue that can occur with any product containing cement. As moisture migrates up to the surface of the concrete, it carries along with it calcium salts […]